Front Sight Challenge

Episode One M16 Rifle

Front Sight Challenge, hosted by Dr. Ignatius Piazza

Do you think you are ready to take the “Front Sight Challenge?”  Thomas, Glenn, Dean and Diana sure think they are.  They have each been trained at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute near Las Vegas, Nevada.  There, Dr. Ignatius Piazza and his team of extremely trained firearms instructors at front sight provide top quality firearms training, gun training, rifle raining, shotgun training, handgun training, automatic weapons training, knife training  and other weapons training to military personnel, law enforcement officers and private citizens alike.  It is a place that people travel thousands of miles to get to.  The firearm training there is so far above the gun training offered anywhere else, that even those people that travel thousands of miles to go to Front Sight firearms training facility do it again and again and again.  When Dr. Piazza offered up the option to take the “Front Sight Challenge” people jumped at the opportunity.

What is Front Sight Challenge?  It is a contest where shooters of the highest skill level trained by Dr. Ignatius Piazza’s Front Sight compete against seasoned gun using professionals in order to achieve the title of being the best with firearms.  In the first episode of Front Sight Challenge we watched a software executive, a grandmother and two men involved in law enforcement (who had been carrying for many years) compete for the gold in a legendary shooting battle.  In episode One, Thomas, Glenn, Dean and Diana will fight it out.  Thomas has been involved in law enforcement for over twenty years and Dean is a SWAT officer, both are used to carrying firearms.  Diana is a nursing student with the will to win and Glenn is a systems engineer who has been doing father / son shooting his entire life.  The group’s sarcastic wit toward each other will make you laugh and their firearms techniques – well, let’s just say there is a reason they are competing in the “Front Sight Challenge.”

Each combatant is handed an M16 Rifle. Hopefully they have taken the Front Sight Rifle Training course. These firearms are the same ones as the M16s issued to the members of our military.  The four contestants will have to balance their speed and accuracy and shoot two targets.  One by one, the contestants will prove their worth as a Front Sight shooter.  At the end of each round, one poor soul must turn his or her back and leave, paving the way for one skilled person to rise to the top of Front Sight Challenge.

The first participator steps up and the other three retreat.  The moderator sounds the alarm and we hear two shots.  The process repeats once with every other combatant.  This group is a riot.  While one person takes shots at the target, the other three take verbal shots at him.  Let us see which one truly can put their money where their mouth is and kick the other three to the curb.  Does the person with the highest confidence win?  You will have to watch to find out!  What is great is that you can have these episodes delivered to you free via email and watch them at your own convenience.  Usually, when you have a favorite show, if you miss it, you are out of luck and have to hope you can catch a rerun or your television recorded it.  With “Front Sight Challenge,” you get one episode a week emailed to you for twenty weeks… meaning if you are not around at the time of delivery, it is okay!  You can just watch it later.  However, after watching the first episode, my guess is that you will not WANT to watch it later… you will be waiting by your computer for that email to come.