Front Sight Challenge

Episode 2 Defensive Handgun Training

Front Sight Challenge hosted by Dr. Ignatius Piazza

What do a handgun toting software executive, a fifty one year old retired grandmother packing a CCW, a police detective with his Glock from Brooklyn, and a firearms training  deputy sheriff have in common?  They are all about to take the “Front Sight Challenge.”  It is a competition that will test their level of skill at arms and see how they really measure up against the best shooters around.

Meet the contestants.  Richard is a gun enthusiast who runs a software company, Glynis is a grandmother who loves handgun training and has a black belt in martial arts, Charlie has been carrying a handgun as a law enforcement officer since 1993 and is now a detective, and Greg is a pistol packin’ deputy sheriff and self defense tactics instructor.  They all have reason to believe – or hope – that they are the best with firearm, specifically a handgun, and have each signed up to participate in Dr. Ignatius Piazza’s “Front Sight Challenge.”  The gun loving private citizens have no law enforcement or military background, but they received firearms training at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute near Las Vegas, Nevada, getting the highest quality of gun training in the world. 

In this Front Sight Challenge episode, the two Front Sight Firearms Training Institute students compete against the two law enforcement professionals with handguns. Other gun training private citizens from Front Sight compete against law enforcement officers and military personnel with shotguns, rifles, submachine guns, and M16s in subsequent episodes of Front Sight Challenge.   The exciting Front Sight Challenge series, hosted by Dr. Ignatius Piazza covers over 20 exciting gun contests that you can actually have emailed to you for FREE!  When you sign up, you get a different episode of Front Sight Challenge each week for twenty weeks.  That is twenty episodes of Front Sight Challenge, hosted by Dr. Ignatius Piazza for free! 

In the second episode, the four contestants compete with handguns.  They must find the perfect balance of speed and accuracy to score points.  In the end, the contestant with the lowest amount of points is axed from the show and must leave.  One by one, they will stand at a ten meter mark and will be asked to shoot a target.  That sounds easy enough.  The catch is, is that the moderator will sound an alarm.  At the sound of the alarm the clock starts.  The contestant has to then draw his or her weapon, aim and shoot the target.  So, not only are they working on speed and accuracy, they do not get to choose when the clock starts, meaning they have to rely on their reflexes as well as their shooting skills.

First up is Richard.  He takes his stance.  The alarm sounds and he draws and shoots.  Then it is Glynis’s turn.  The fiery grandma waits for the cue and shoots at her target.  Charlie follows and after him, Greg steps up.  Who do you think will score the most points?  I will tell you that one of them hits extremely close to the center… while one contestant, for one reason or another, actually misses the target.  Find out to see if your suspicions are right!

The variety of backgrounds of the contestants is awesome.  Not only do we have people that use a gun for a living, we also have a businessman and a woman in her fifties.  It proves that the training at Front Sight is second to none and can help anyone, no matter how much previous training or experience they might have.  “Front Sight Challenge” is entertaining AND real.  Watch as ordinary people do extraordinary things.