Front Sight Challenge

Episode Four Shotgun

Front Sight Challenge, hosted by Dr. Ignatius Piazza

What do you get when you combine four of the best students of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, an attitude for gun enthusiasm and the love for friendly but grueling competition?  You get the Front Sight Challenge, a reality firearms competition hosted by Dr. Ignatius Piazza, founder and director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute near Las Vegas, Nevada.  Front Sight is the home of some of the finest gun training and self defense training in the world, offering handgun training, rifle training, shotgun training, automatic weapons training, martial arts training, edged weapons training and several other forms of weapons training.  Front Sight is a place where gun lovers and shooting novices alike come together and learn how to expand their firearms skills and gun techniques under the supervision of the best staff of firearms instructors ever created.  Each week, Dr. Piazza challenges four students to prove themselves as the best shooter around by competing against law enforcement officers and military officials in an intense firearms battle that will blow your mind.

In episode four, four men share their devotion to self defense firearms training through the use of a shotgun that is commonly used by law enforcement agencies.  Clark, the son of a competitive shooter in the Korean War, is a gun loving preschool manager.  Robert, a lawyer, has been a First Family Member of Front Sight for over three years.  T.J. is an experienced shooter, being a member of S.W.A.T.  And Scott is a housing police officer who shot his first shotgun at the age of thirteen.  Sounds like these Second Amendment supporters will have to pull out all the stops to weasel their way to the top.  The way the Front Sight Challenge works is that through a series of intensive rounds, combatants are one by one eliminated… leaving only one man standing at the end.  This man is declared the winner, the champion, the conqueror of the Front Sight Challenge.

In the first round of this Front Sight Challenge episode, the men must perform a select slug drill with the shotgun and then shoot a target.  They are awarded points based on their speed of shotgun handling and accuracy of hitting the target.  The results of this first “Do or Die” round are surprising.  Two of the men show off their awesome gun shooting skills while the other two somehow seem to have wavering firearms handling techniques.  The first round ends in a put – you – at – the – edge – of – your – seat shootout, which sends one man to the next round, and the other man wishing he was not the one to go home. 

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