Front Sight Challenge

Episode Five Scoped Rifles

Front Sight Challenge, hosted by Dr. Ignatius Piazza

Four men. Each hold a large caliber center fire rifle, known as the “king of all small arms.”  They are competing in the “Front Sight Challenge,” a competition that will test their skill and technique in using a firearm. Only one of them can be the victor. Who will it be?

Each has been trained at Front Sight Firearms Training institute near Las Vegas, Nevada, where they have received superior gun training. In fact, Front Sight is the unsurpassed leader in firearms training, offering handgun training, rifle training, shotgun training and automatic weapons training as well as several other forms of self defense training. Each course is taught by an incredibly trained firearms instructor who teaches not only through lectures, but also hands on real life shooting scenarios so students can be assured they are getting the best, most well rounded firearm training possible. Dr. Ignatius Piazza founded Front Sight in April of 1996 and now directs the Front Sight’s program. He had an idea for a competition that would provoke excitement in gun enthusiasts everywhere. It is called the “Front Sight Challenge.” Dr. Ignatius Piazza hosts the show himself. In this competition, firearm trained combatants compete against law enforcement officials and military personnel with gun handling and shooting tactics, working hard at proving themselves to be the best of Front Sight.

There are a few rounds in each episode of Front Sight Challenge and after each round, the group gets smaller because someone gets eliminated, leaving just one man and his firearm at the end. The last man standing is declared the winner of that episode of Front Sight Challenge. In episode five, the four men are Ron, Theo, Tim and Michael. Ron is a deputy sheriff. He participates regularly in shooting competitions across the country. Theo is an attorney and works with estate and probate litigation. Tim is an army sniper and has been in the army for eighteen years; he’s already experienced with scoped rifles. Michael is a small business owner who first picked up a gun at the age of eight. The four men’s first task is to balance speed and accuracy by shooting the center of two targets. Their score is gauged by how long it takes them to shoot the two targets and where the bullets hit on the targets. When the alarm is sounded, the clock starts.

All four men in episode five of Front Sight Challenge make this look easy. Their speed, fluidity, precision and desire for the win seem to scream from the screen as their shots are fired. They know what they want. And they ALL are willing to battle for it. Who do you think is the best shot?  The deputy sheriff competitive shooter, the attorney, the army sniper, or the small business owner?  If you sign up for the TWENTY FREE EPISODES of Front Sight Challenge, hosted by Dr. Ignatius Piazza, you can find out. All you have to do is fill out a few short questions and the first episode will be delivered to you via email. After that, you will receive one free episode of Front Sight Challenge each week for nineteen more weeks, for a total of twenty free episodes!  “Front Sight Challenge” will keep you wanting to see more. After seeing the very first episode, you will not be disappointed!