Front Sight Challenge

Episode 7 Handgun

Front Sight Challenge, Hosted by Dr. Ignatius Piazza

Semi automatic handguns are placed in the hands of confident police sergeant Steve, intelligent gun enthusiast cardiovascular surgeon Stephen, superior marksman and professional dancer Crystal, and powerful chief of police David.  The seventh shocking episode of Front Sight Challenge is all about these four interesting people.  Who will prevail and be named the best shooter?  Whoever it is will get the chance of a lifetime – the unbelievable opportunity to compete in the All Star Challenge at Front Sight.  Dr. Ignatius Piazza, shooting master and host of Front Sight Challenge, really outdid himself this time with this brilliant reality series.  The Four Weapons Combat Master spent over a million dollars creating the awe inspiring show, truly enforcing his title of The Millionaire Patriot.  For three fiery rounds, the combatants duke it out and claw their way to the top.  Crystal and Stephen have both been students at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, receiving the world’s finest gun training and self defense training, like rifle training, handgun training, shotgun training, automatic weapons training and knife training.  The highest quality of firearms training instructors are employed at Front Sight and Dr. Piazza works incredibly hard to keep them all on top of their game one hundred percent, making Front Sight the BEST place to go to receive your self defense training, family protection training, concealed carry training, gun safety training and so much more.  Our two other combatants are Steve and David.  David has been involved in law enforcement for sixteen years, and Steve has been working in the field for seventeen years.  Sounds like they have some intense gun handling experience!

Front Sight Challenge is an epic elimination battle.  At the end of each crazy round, one sorry combatant is sent packing, while the others get to keep packing heat.  By the time the fascinating episode is over, only one can be victorious.  Different weapons are used each time, and the eager participants do not find out which one they will be using until game time, so their gun handling techniques and skills must be outstanding when it comes to ALL firearms, such as handguns, rifles, shotguns and automatic weapons like the UZI sub machine gun and the Select Fire M16, not just one or two.  The skillful competitors handle their weapons with such vigor but much grace, with such strength but much control, with such intensity but much fluidity, that you will swear what they are doing is a cake walk, when in reality the tasks asked of them are demanding, even for seasoned experts. 

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