Front Sight Challenge

Episode Twelve: Semiautomatic Handgun

Front Sight Challenge, Hosted by Dr. Ignatius Piazza

Driving from Las Vegas, Nevada, it takes less than an hour to get to the world’s greatest firearms training school.  Front Sight Firearms Training Institute spans five hundred fifty acres and students are going crazy over the exceptional gun training and other self defense training offered there.  Self defense firearms training is made fun and safe by founder and director Dr. Ignatius Piazza and his staff of highly trained and motivated firearms training instructors.  They work hard at providing the absolute best training possible and have succeeded thus far, becoming the unsurpassed leader of firearms training institutes.  Front Sight opened its doors in April of 1996 and has at least doubled in size every year since… and is on track to do it again.  One look at the testimonials on and you can see why.  Students of Sight, including gun using professionals, competitive shooters, law enforcement officials and military personnel, all agree that Dr. Piazza has really outdone himself and the school is the best thing around in the gun training world.  Even men and women who have been in the armed forces for twenty plus years say that they learned more in one weekend at Front Sight than they did in their entire military career.  Now THAT is something to congratulate.

Whether you just bought your first gun or you have owned one for thirty years… whether you are thinking about purchasing a firearm or you have a strict abhorrence of them… whether you have never touched a gun or you shoot competitively… whether you are pro Second Amendment or pro gun control… Front Sight has a course for you.  To name a few gun training courses, Front Sight offers handgun training, rifle training, shotgun training, automatic weapons training and night gun training.  If you want to learn something else, Dr. Piazza also offers edged weapons training (aka knife training), martial arts training, rope training and climbing training.  If you want to learn what it takes to obtain a CCW Permit, Front Sight also offers a concealed weapons permit course.  And because self defense training is not just for adults anymore, child safety training and youth safety training are available.

For the competitive shooter in you, Dr. Ignatius Piazza is now hosting a new exciting reality series called Front Sight Challenge.  It is an elimination competition that will rock your world—and you can view twenty episodes for free!  Each episode features a different type of firearm, two Front Sight trained students and two gun using professionals.  Episode twelve puts a semiautomatic handgun, the most popular type of gun in the world, into the hands of quite possibly the most diverse group of contestants yet.  Deputy Sheriff and ex marine Richard; gun lover, homemaker and mother Cathy; Training Officer Curtis – who has served in the Army National Guard and has been in law enforcement for fourteen years; and enthusiastic Noble, an eighth grader (!) who is ready to win – they all meet on the competition field ready for action.  Does it get better than this?  See for yourself and watch Front Sight Challenge!