Front Sight Challenge

Episode Thirteen: Sub Machine Gun

Front Sight Challenge, Hosted by Dr. Ignatius Piazza

Dr. Ignatius Piazza has many names.  The Millionaire Patriot, Four Weapons Combat Master, former chiropractor turned firearms expert… they are all ways to describe the founder and director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Dr. Piazza.  In 1988, he had a vision.  The vision was to change the world.  Today, in 2009, he is carrying out that vision with Front Sight, founded in April of 1996.  Every year since its opening, Front Sight has at least doubled in size, making it the unsurpassed leader in the world among gun training schools.  Students of Front Sight rave about the superior training offered by Dr. Piazza and his incredible team of highly experienced instructors.  Just take a look at any of the testimonials on Front Sight's website!  You will see that gun enthusiasts, police officers, competitive shooters, marines and hunters love Front Sight, as well as people resistant to guns.  This is because the firearms training school focuses on safety, self defense and family protection. 

Anyone can learn from Front Sight.  Anyone can have fun at Front Sight.  Anyone can find a home in Front Sight.  The plethora of gun training courses offered ensures perspective students that there is something for them.  There are even self defense training courses for your kids and teenagers!  Dr. Piazza offers weapons training classes and empty hands self defense, so that literally, wherever you stand, there is something for you!  If you want to learn how to shoot and use a gun, there are pistol training courses, rifle training courses, shotgun training courses, automatic weapons training courses and night firearms training courses.  If you need to obtain a CCW Permit, Front Sight has a concealed weapons permit course.  If you do not want to use a firearm, you can take an edged weapons training course or martial arts training.  If you have kids, there is a child safety training course and a youth safety training course.  Like I said, there is something for EVERYONE.

For the competitive side of you, Dr. Piazza is introducing Front Sight Challenge.  It is an elimination competition reality series that Dr. Piazza produced.  Even though it cost him over a million dollars to produce, he is offering you twenty free episodes!!  Each episode, four combatants – two Front Sight Students and two gun shooting professionals – duke it out for the title of Top Gun and the opportunity to compete in the All Star Challenge.  Three explosive rounds eliminate three of the competitors, leaving only one lucky and talented man – or woman – standing at the end.  Episode thirteen uses the way cool submachine gun.  Former narcotics officer and current SWAT officer Rob; Ron, a product manager admitting to be a computer geek who first shot a .22 when he was ten; Scott, a ferociously trained police officer; and weapons enthusiast, smart guy, transportation engineer Bill have got it goin’ on.  This adrenaline rush of an episode – it is money, baby.  That is, of course, money that YOU don’t have to spend!  I am telling you, if Front Sight Challenge were a food, it would be delicious.  And free.