Front Sight Challenge

Episode Sixteen, Select Fire M16

Front Sight Challenge, Hosted by Dr. Ignatius Piazza

Self defense firearms training is Dr. Ignatius Piazza’s forte.  The former chiropractor turned weapons master had an idea in 1988 to open a firearms training school to positively change the world’s view of firearms.  He wanted people everywhere to be able to defend themselves if they were faced with a life threatening situation, so in April of 1996, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute opened its doors.  It is located just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada on five hundred fifty rolling acres and is the home of world class firearms training instructors.  At Front Sight, students receive gun training from seasoned firearms handling professionals such as military officers and law enforcement personnel, as well as Front Sight trained private citizens, but any boot camp attitude is totally banned.  The idea of Front Sight is to allow students the opportunity to LEARN as much as humanly possible through informative lectures, EXPERIENCE what it is really like to use a gun through exciting hands on tactical gun training, and HAVE MORE FUN than ever before, making the memory retention ratio skyrocket. 

Whether you are new to owning a gun or if you have been shooting guns for years, there is a course at Front Sight for you.  The Millionaire Patriot, Dr. Piazza organized his program specifically to make room for everyone – no matter how trained they are – provided they are a law abiding citizen with the want to learn.  Gun training courses include handgun training, shotgun training, rifle training, automatic weapons training like UZI submachine gun training and Select Fire M16 training, CCW permit training and night gun training.  Other self defense training courses are also available, like knife training and other edged weapons training, as well as empty hands courses like martial arts training. 

In addition to exceptional self defense training, Dr. Piazza is also introducing his new gun shooting competition!  Front Sight Challenge is an elimination competition reality series that will blow any other shooting competition to bits, and it is hosted by the man himself, Dr. Piazza!  Each entertaining episode has four competitors – two students of Front Sight, two gun shooting professionals, and one super awesome weapon.  What better weapon for episode sixteen than the Select Fire M16?  Talk about a sweet sixteen!  Here, Nicky, a beautiful Indonesian marketing agent who has been using firearms for fifteen years; Christopher, a gun handling construction superintendant; Jon, a police sergeant who got his first rifle at age thirteen; and Chris, a police lieutenant who served in the Navy for four years battle to kick each other out of the ring.  Who will win?  Watch and find out!  While you are at it, why not watch nineteen other shocking shows?  Order twenty exciting episodes NOW… for FREE!  Dr. Ignatius Piazza spent over a million dollars producing this show… and now you can see it for free.  THAT is amazing.  So, join me every week and watch an explosive episode of Front Sight Challenge!  If you like competition, you will LOVE this show.  I know I do.