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Front Sight Challenge, Hosted by Dr. Ignatius Piazza

Home of the best shooters in the world, accomplished weapons handlers and the second man in the world to receive the title of “Four Weapons Combat Master,” Front Sight Firearms Training Institute near Las Vegas, Nevada can give you the skills and gun handling techniques you need to have expert marksmanship, whether it be for self defense, family protection, or gun competition and combat. Front Sight is a place that offers superior self defense firearms training as well as other forms of self defense training. It is a place where students learn everything about guns, from gun safety to shooting with perfect precision to choosing a gun to when to use a gun for self defense and when NOT to use a gun. But most importantly, it is a place where law abiding citizens from across the nation can feel welcomed and at home, have the time of their lives AND leave with firearms handling skills that surpass ninety nine percent of the gun owning population, even people that use firearms for a living. Out of all handgun schools and other types of gun training schools, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute ranks among the best in the world. Dr. Ignatius Piazza, known as the Millionaire Patriot, founded Front Sight in April of 1996 and now directs the firearms training academy. His experienced team of incredibly trained gun training instructors provides students with the information and hands on firearms training that they need to excel.

At Front Sight, students find themselves under the supervision of military personnel, law enforcement officers and expertly trained private citizens, but the atmosphere is miles away from the boot camp mentality. The gun school provides courses such as rifle training, handgun training, automatic weapons training, shotgun training, edged weapons training, martial arts training, child safety training, youth safety training, concealed weapons permit training and night firearms training. The list goes on and on, so whether you want to learn how to beat the competition in a shooting match, provide family protection to your loved ones, learn self defense or just be prepared for any life threatening situation that may come your way, Front Sight is the place to be. But Front Sight is not just the place for weapons training… it is now the home of the coolest, the totally awe inspiring, the most electrifying shooting competition ever. It is called Front Sight Challenge, and it is hosted by Dr. Piazza himself! If you like competitions, you will really get a kick out of this gun competition. Normal, gun enthusiast Average Joe citizens challenge gun using professionals in a shootout that will blow you away. You will love it.

And what is even more exciting than watching the show itself, is knowing that you can watch it for FREE! Seriously. The Millionaire Patriot literally spent over a million dollars producing this show… and now he is offering twenty explosive episodes of it to you for free! You will get one a week like clockwork for twenty weeks. Five months! So, sign up, watch it and love it! You will not be disappointed!