Front Sight Challenge

Front Sight Challenge Host

Ignatius Piazza

Ignatius Piazza is the Founder and Director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. Dr. Ignatius Piazza started Front Sight in 1996, and since then, Front Sight has grown to surpass all other firearms training schools in America. Today, Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight trains more students than all other major shooting schools in Amierca combined!

Ignatius Piazza didn't just stop at being the finest firearms training institute in the nation. He used his own money to create the Front Sight Challenge: where avereage citizens take on law enforcement and SWAT Officer with handguns, scoped rifles, shotguns, sub machineguns, and M16 rifles. Each episode of Front Sight Challenge takes you through three intense rounds of competition that test the many skills of a firearms handler.

The testimonials and successes from Front Sight do more than just illustrate how fantastic and eager the students of Dr. Ignatius Piazza are, they also illustrate the broad spectrum which Dr. Piazza's students derive from. While most gun-fearing far-left and far-right pundits may espouse that only "Billy-Bob" and his shotgun-toting, redneck friends would be interested in gun training out in the middle of the Nevada deserts, they're wrong. And there are plenty of lawyers, doctors, police officers, army personnel, teachers, students, contractors, plumbers, and brain surgeons who would be more than happy to prove them wrong.

Front Sight is the finest instructional firearms school in the U.S. bar none. The instructional staff made for a wonderful learning experience. Truly a class act.
Gilbert Onaka M.D., Physician

With 25 years in the LAPD and numerous tactical and survival schools attended with FBI and various other task force agencies, I did not believe that I could learn any new skills from Front Sight. I was dead wrong! This training took me to the next level. I had not possessed this speed and readiness prior to this four-day course!!
John C. Roach, Police Detective

As a rookie and a woman, it was great that the staff took so much time to not only train me but encourage me. By the end of the first day, I was calling all my friends telling them that they needed to be taking this course, whether or not they agreed with using guns.
Deborah Johnson, Self-Employed

Although I've been a gun owner for many years, it shocks me to think about how little I knew about properly shooting a handgun before starting a Front Sight. Thank you Dr. Piazza and Front Sight instructors! I highly recommend your school for anyone from the first-time shooter to the long-time gun owner and experienced shooter. The instruction and teaching methodology is excellent. The instructors are personable and friendly and the atmosphere is supportive.
Elliot Grossman, Attorney at Law